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Plan d'accs la fort de BAABDA PDF تصدير لهيئة طباعة ارسال لصديق
Plan d'accès au concert dans la forêt de Baabda
Plan d'accs la fort de Baabda PDF تصدير لهيئة طباعة ارسال لصديق
Chemin d'accès à la forêt de Baabda

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BAABDA FOREST PDF تصدير لهيئة طباعة ارسال لصديق
Fort de Baabda PDF تصدير لهيئة طباعة ارسال لصديق

All nature reserves in Lebanon are far from the nearest crowded residential area in Lebanon (Beirut and it suburbs). And nature reserves (such as Al-Shouf Nature Reserve, Tannourine Nature Reserve, and Ehden Nature Reserve) are at a high altitude where roads are completely closed in the winter season because of snow. Other coastland nature reserves (such as Sour Coast and Palm Island) are opened only 2-3 months every year during in the summer season.

And from a different perspective, the construction of roads, bridges and buildings is evolving more and more with the rapid increase of the population and the mere absence of rural development which leads to an over crowdedness in the urban areas and its suburbs.


Revue de presse Fort de Baabda

Series of Baabda workshops aim to rein in spate of forest fires PDF تصدير لهيئة 
Daily Star staff
Wednesday, September 02, 2009
BEIRUT: Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud launched a series of workshops Tuesday in the qada of Baabda aimed at preventing and fighting forest fires. Baroud met with Baabda mayors and mukhtars at the forest of the Saint Antonios Convent in Baabda. MPs Naji Gharios and Alain Aoun along with a number of environmental activists were also present.

Fort de Baabda : les civils participeront dsormais la lutte contre le feu PDF تصدير لهيئة 
Image Exemple

Par Suzanne BAAKLINI | 25/08/2009

Des civils apprennent les techniques de lutte contre les incendies, pour porter main-forte à la Défense civile en cas de sinistre.
L'importance du rôle des civils dans l'intervention précoce pour l'extinction des feux de forêt est de plus en plus mise en évidence. Une session de formation a été organisée pour eux dans la forêt de Baabda.